An Open Access Graduate Course.

We’re doing something slightly different with this online course. It isn’t ‘massive’, it doesn’t pretend to revolutionise digital educational resources, and the aim is not to transform it into some kind of larger product or service (ala ‘Google University’ or FutureLearn).

Interactions will be pretty traditionally ‘WordPress’ in their look and feel. Anyone can make a comment on the week’s content, under ‘Course Content & Resources’, subject to approval. The MA students in the classroom can then choose to interact with the larger community of interested participants. Eventually, the MAs can choose to share their own creative and historical work on here, and people can discuss it. All of this activity will be monitored and moderated by the lecturers. No matter what level of engagement ends up being the norm, the site’s resources, readings, downloadable extracts, and linked content are free to all comers.